"Haguenauer brings uncommon lyrical elegance to the Beethoven-Liszt first two symphonies."

Anthony Tommasini (on Haguenauer's recording of Beethoven/Liszt Symphonies 1 and 2)

"The French pianist Jean-Louis Haguenauer proved himself an artist of technical poise and warmth of feeling in his Wigmore Hall recital on Monday evening, exploring the repertory from Schubert to Debussy with a touching simplicity and seriousness of purpose.

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Jacobs School faculty pianist Jean-Louis Haguenauer spent three years planning, preparing and then performing for a just-issued, four-CD release, "Claude Debussy Melodies Integrale," which contains more than 100 songs, meaning all of them, and about five hours of music.

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"[...] the Debussy of Haguenauer is less familiar to us than we might have thought: the interpretation contains both the visible and the invisible, and it is the 'quest' we follow that makes the reading so delightful."

Paul Meunier

"The Preludes, through their rich sound, expressive searching and frequent gravity, bear something heavy, powerful and disturbing inside them. A profound, contained drama reminding one of what Arrau used to do."

Étienne Moreau

"Trained under the iron rule of Nadia Boulanger, he has forgotten not one of her lessons: he knows what he's playing, what was written and how it ought to sound. Expansive, generous, powerful playing, one that takes you straight to the heart of the mystery, the 'mystery' that Mademoiselle Boulanger spoke so much about, and which gives music its meaning."

Jacques Drillon

"[...] Debussy's Preludes are like archipelagos. At times, not an ounce on the key, at others, a dynamic contrast giving the impression of speed: Jean-Louis Haguenauer is in the world of pure sound... And if Debussy were a picture, here it would be something lunar."

Christian Leblé